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CyberTracker Conservation

CyberTracker is the most efficient method of GPS field data collection. You can use CyberTracker on a Smartphone or handheld computer to record any type of observation. CyberTracker, which requires no programming skills, allows you to customize an Application for your own data collection needs.

Climate change, pollution, habitat destruction and loss of biodiversity may have serious impacts on human welfare. To anticipate and prevent negative impacts will require ongoing long-term monitoring of all aspects of the environment.

From its origins with the Kalahari Bushmen, CyberTracker projects have been initiated to monitor gorillas in the Congo, butterflies in Switzerland, the Sumatran rhino in Borneo, jaguars in Costa Rica, birds in the Amazon, wild horses in Mongolia, dolphins in California, marine turtles in the Pacific and whales in Antarctica.

CyberTracker is being used in national parks, scientific research, citizen science, education, forestry, farming, social surveys, health surveys, crime prevention and disaster relief.

Our Vision CyberTracker Conservation is a non-profit organisation that promotes the vision of a Worldwide Environmental Monitoring Network.

Our Mission is to help communities and individuals to monitor their own environment with software that is free and easy to use by all people, regardless of their level of education.

We also provide Tracker Evaluations to help people develop their practical observation skills.