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Dance for All

Dance for All (DFA) is a non-profit organisation that has been teaching dance to historically disadvantaged children and youth in Cape Town, South Africa for nearly 21 years. By providing an enjoyable and constructive extra-mural activity, DFA gives students the chance to spend their afternoons in a safe environment while learning valuable dance skills. In addition, the students develop important life skills such as discipline, confidence and positive self-esteem – which helps them set goals for their future. Dance for All's Mission is to provide children in historically disadvantaged communities with the opportunity for enjoyment, empowerment and promotion of self esteem through the medium of dance, as well as training professional dancers and developing a unique, indigenous dance company.

DFA uses diverse funding sources to ensure continued sustainability. To aid unrestricted income we established an annual fund campaign, a facet of which is the Friends of DFA drive to engage and draw on the support of individual givers. We intend building this income source up nationally and internationally, as it will enable us to afford services which may not be covered in the programme-related funding we usually receive from corporate donors and trusts.