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Dance Theater Africa

Dance Theater Africa trains in Classical Ballet and Contemporary dance, often fusing styles and creating vibrant and exciting new works. Our style of dance borders on Neo-Classical as it is based on balletic technique with a fusion of eclectic contemporary dance styles. are given a platform for creativity, expression and growth through rigorous training and performances on and off Professional stages, thus promoting and sustaining Job creation. We need to expose the many individual talents of our country and build a new, vibrant scene for dancers.
Dance Theater Africa also focuses on youth development/ Outreach by enriching, inspiring and transforming their lives through Dance Education. These youths who come from impoverished and sub-economical areas are being kept off the streets by, attending dance classes, and away from gangsterism, drug abuse, prostitution and theft. Dance has many healing properties including helping children who suffer from mental, physical and emotional abuse. It also offers a form of escapism from the harsh realities most of our youth have to deal with daily, and is an open doorway to a brighter, more positive future!
South African artists have the privilege of being exposed to so many different cultural and traditional dance styles that it fabricates in our style and form of choreography