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Daphne Lee Centre

The Centre was established on 3 April 1981 as an initiative by Sr. Daphne Lee who identified a need for a place of safety for physically and mentally challenged adults who could not actively participate in the working environment. The Centre then had twenty one non- residents and has over the years, with fundraising and other initiatives, grown to accommodate thirty eight residents and twenty one non-residents.
The Centre provides accommodation in a safe, caring and homely environment, for thirty eight residents who due to their physiacl and/or permanent mental challenges cannot live independently. Our day care programme provides mental stimulation not only for our residents but also for an additional twenty one non-residents. We encourage participation in a variety of creative activities eg. basket weaving and needlework, sport (SOSA), spiritual, musical and social events on a daily basis, Monday to Friday.
The majority of our clients have a poor socio -economic background and are unable to live independently as well as to be integrated into the open labour market. The Centre therefore prioritises holistic caring of the fifty nine clients in its care by providing a variety of activities that will increase their functioning, provide stability and consistency, as well as a safe, homely environment in which to stay and be active participants in the various activities offered. we encourage our clients to participate in various events offered by the local community eg. SANBS "Blood Walk" not only to reduce the stigma attached to people with disabilities but also to increase self confidence in their ability to be productive members of the community.
Our residents receive three well balanced, nutritional meals daily and our non residents one well balanced, nutritional meald daily Monday to Friday.
The Centre also provides its clients with accessible and appropriate health services as well as a safe place to stay and work.
Staff members are offered training as and when possible to ensure our clients receive efficient and effective services. Caring is a priority of our staff members.
The Centre has a website and its services are marketed via social media to ensure affordability of the services offered by the Centre.