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Daughters Of Destiny

about us

Daughters of Destiny is a Non-Profit an organisation based in Kensington and Factreton, where gangsterism, alcohol and drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, unemployment and domestic violence are a
few key issues faced by young people in this community. DOD, therefore, seeks to empower woman and girls with needed life skills to positively impact on their homes, community and future.


To build strong communities of women and girls who are well-rounded, confident and fearless leaders



Through our Community Leaders Training Programmes, we train women to become key figures of leadership and support in the community.


Accessible learning spaces in parks where girls live. Using parks in the community where the young girls live, fosters a safe environment. It also allows older women in the same community to get involved without any transport or financial obligations.


We are Committed to Developing, Maintaining and Nurturing Partnerships with Businesses, Organisations, and Individuals to Achieve vision our Vision.

our services


The Daycare Clubs aim to help girls aged 3-6 gain valuable, age-appropriate life skills. Through these clubs, we help grow and develop self-esteem, body confidence, and assist them in developing their presentation and public speaking skills. Storytelling, Child protection etc.


The Daughters of Destiny Girl Clubs offers age-appropriate instruct for female teens aged 10 – 16 and girls. The DoD Clubs fill the gaps in the schooling and social systems by creating an open discussion on topics that are less frequently discussed. Life skills we provide among many is social and emotional intelligence, presentation skills, Menstruation, Career guidance, Child Protection and Safety, SMART Goals etc.


By teaching various life skills, the Daughters of Destiny Girl Clubs are designed to help girls grow and develop their confidence and self-esteem.


Daughters of Destiny creates a safe space for women and girls. Here, women and girls can share, grow and support each other as well as the community.

After school Community Girl Clubs

Using parks in the community where the young girls live, fosters a safe environment.