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Davar Partners International

Davar Partners International

Through collaborative efforts with the Digital Bible Library (DBL), YouVersion, United Bible Societies (UBS), and national Bible Societies, we identify languages with an immediate need for audio Scripture engagement. We partner with translation agencies to provide audio versions. Partner agencies include: Pioneer Bible Translators, SIL, The Word for the World International, Bible Translation and Literacy, New Tribes Mission, SIM, and IBT Russia. Additionally, recent developments are leading to partnership between Davar and Biblica. As an Intellectual Property Contributor, we freely offer our titles to the DBL for wide distribution among partners who share our passion to eliminate Bible poverty.

Davar operates as a registered 501c3 in the US based in Texas, a Limited Company in Israel owned by the 501c3, and a public benefit organization (PBO) in South Africa. Including the CEO and CFO, the current staff of Davar is 11 (RSA: 7, IL: 1, USA: 3). Each production also employs and empowers nine indigenous people. To date, Davar has provided seven indigenous ministries with training, skills, and equipment to not only complete audio production, but also to utilize within their local communities.

Since our first recording project, the Naro New Testament, which published in 2012, Davar Partners has been increasing audio Bible recordings each year and gaining momentum to eliminate Bible poverty. By God’s grace and provision, as of October 2017, Davar has completed 22 Full Bible recordings, 20 New Testaments, one Old Testament, and four Bible 365 Scripture portion recordings, potentially impacting 555,710,0001 individuals. Compelled by God’s love for those who have never heard His Word in their languages and propelled forward by the continued support of generous partners, we plan to continue recording God’s Word in every spoken language.