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DEISI International

Established in June 2013, DEISI International’s direct mandate is to challenge the ignorance of many about true facts regarding the right of Israel to exist within safe and secure borders. DEISI is an acronym for “Defend, Embrace, Invest in and Support / Standby Israel”.

DEISI recognises that there are many nations around the world that treat the people living within its borders (irrespective of whether they are citizens) in ways that undeniably equate to the abuse of various human rights and international peace treaties. However, the world’s glare and energy has become such that it is focussed on what is supposedly Israel’s leading role in this. In this regard, DEISI creates platforms, resources and opportunities for people of all ages, nationalities and religions to be educated and exposed to the truths regarding the Middle East conflict and the right of the State of Israel to exist within secure borders. DEISI’s mandate is also to bring about a realisation of the fact that if any person, any community, any nation wishes to be blessed, their blessing is directly linked to their attitude towards the nation of Israel.

As part of its main objectives, DEISI has been established to advance education in churches, schools, tertiary institutions and universities as to the real war against Israel and why all persons who wish to see lasting peace in the Middle East and in particular, all persons who call the God of Abraham, Israel and Jacob their God, have no choice but to stand with Israel. DEISI hopes to be an international ally that Israel, Jewish communities globally as well as any pro-Israel organisations, businesses, political parties and the like and individual persons, can turn to for dependable support.

DEISI International’s visionary is Rev Kenneth Meshoe who is known throughout South Africa (and among other places) Israel, the United States of America and Canada as a bold, unapologetic and vocal supporter of Israel. DEISI is governed by a board of 8 Christian and non-Christian members from different walks of life who all share a love for the truth, justice and most importantly, the land of Israel, people living within her borders (Israeli and non-Israeli) and the Jewish Diaspora.