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Delta Programme

DELTA started as a Catholic Welfare and Development in 1992 by famous authors of Training for Transformation community development books Anne Hope and Sally Timmel. It became independent in 1995 with its own management structure. This structure functions with a director for internal management and accountability. For external management and accountability, delta functions through a management board consisting of nine members. DELTA is serving in all local forums that are relevant to its programs.
In 1998 DELTA started in Libode through the interest of local women working with abused children. These women then felt that they needed some king of intervention to strengthen their capacity to support the victim of abuse and violence. 1998 DELTA started its programme of social analysis so that women could understand the root cause of the abuse and violence within rural communities. More and more women came from the outlaying communities to be part of the gender and leadership development program which is the vehicle for the social analysis work. Since then Delta has focused on the Nyandeni Region which includes Libode, Ngqeleni and Port St. Johns from the beginning women from Lusiki-siki refused to be excluded although they were not part of Nyandeni as they fall under a different traditional region.
In 2005 DELTA started in Tsomo and Cofimvaba. Through the gender and leadership program DELTA focused on issues and challenges that face that particular community and link those to the broader environment so that there is an understanding of how people think about solutions to their problems. The gender and leadership program has the driver and the flagship program from which emanates the other programs of food security, HIV/AIDs, Democracy Education and capacity building of community projects. Head office of DELTA was based in Cape Town and Libode office was a satellite. Due to financial constraints, Cape Town office closed down in 2007 and relocate to the Eastern Cape under new management. Presently DELTA secures an office in Cofimvaba from 2009 up-to- date.