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MCSA Magaliesberg Section

The club is managed and run by volunteers passionate about the environment, hiking, rock climbing and search and rescue.


The Section is a public, non-profit organisation established for the sole objective of promoting the interests of mountaineering, primarily in South Africa, as a recreational pastime and on a non-professional basis conducting all its activities in a manner that is for the benefit of, and widely accessible, to the general public. In so doing the objects, which are essentially the same as those of the Mountain Club of South Africa, shall inter alia include to:

- organise and facilitate mountaineering;
- procure and protect real rights in and access to mountains and mountain areas;
- initiate and support actions towards protecting the natural beauty and wilderness character of mountains and to promote their effective conservation management;
- promote the safety and training of mountaineers;
- organise search and rescue parties; and to
- promote the study of mountains and their environments, the preservation of historical and archaeological sites on them and the dissemination of information on mountains and mountaineering.