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The Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre

The Dassenberg Horse Rescue Centre (DHRC) is a prolife non-profit animal rescue centre that provides and takes in severely traumatized, neglected, abused and injured horses and dogs. The centre was started in the year 2000 by a woman named Mayanna Muter who was spurred into action by the plight of Atlantis horses.

Founder member Mayanna has in the years of the centre's existence, rescued and rehabilitated countless horses that, without her efforts, would have been condemned to brutal and pointless deaths. They also have kennels where they take in abused, neglected, unwanted and stray dogs. As if this wasn't enough, they have had to battle the indifference of local authorities and welfare organizations, and have sought to educate the local community on the basic points of grooming, feeding and horse care. Much of this was achieved with scant resources and without any financial contributions.

The Centre is currently caring and rehabilitating about 100 animals of which horses and dogs rank about 65 of them and the rest ranges from ducks, chickens, geese and cats, with much of the financial burden being shouldered by the volunteers and mostly by Mayanna herself.