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Diabetes South Africa Western Cape Branch

In South Africa, approximately one in five people over the age of 35 has type 2 diabetes and more than 50% of them are unaware they have it.
Globally, every 10 seconds, a person dies of diabetes related causes and within the same 10 seconds, two people develop the disease. Diabetes is a one of the main causes of premature death, and in many parts of Africa life expectancy is reduced to a single year for a person
who requires insulin to survive. Currently, there is no cure for diabetes, but most type 2 diabetes (approx 95% of all people living with diabetes) can be prevented or delayed through a healthy diet and increased physical activity.
Over the years, HIV/AIDS has received huge attention and rightly so, as it is estimated that it has claimed over
25 million lives so far. But diabetes is already neck on neck in terms of patient numbers. This chronic,
potentially debilitating and often fatal disease is taking South Africa by storm, particularly as one of the many
side effects of antiretroviral treatments is diabetes.
So, it is high time we all started changing the way we live and made an effort to learn more about diabetes.
People need to know there are serious consequences to not living a healthy lifestyle (Healthy diet and
regular exercise). If Diabetes is not taken seriously NOW – it will cripple our nation.

Approx 1 in 5 South Africans over the age of 35 yrs has type 2 diabetes and more than 50% do not even
know they have it.
Diabetes SA is the only non-profit organisation in South Africa providing a service for people with diabetes and their families. Diabetes SA aims to empower, encourage and educate the approx. 3 million diagnosed diabetics in South Africa. We also aim to reach the more than 1 million undiagnosed people with diabetes. We have a certificate of exemption from taxes and duties and Section 18A approval from SA Revenue Service.

 Are you at risk?
o Age 35 or over
o Overweight (especially around your stomach/middle/ tummy)
o High cholesterol
o High blood pressure or heart disease
o A member of a high-risk population
group (Indian)
o A family history of diabetes
o Had gestational diabetes during
pregnancy or your baby weighed over
4kg at birth?

NB: If you have answered “YES” to any one of the above, make sure you have a simple finger prick
tests annually at your local pharmacy or health care practitioner. Know your status..... it could save
your life.

What are the risks of undetected or uncontrolled diabetes?
Diabetes complication’s:
 Heart attack
 Stroke
 Blindness
 Amputation’s
 Kidney failure
 Erectile dysfunction/impotency
 Miscarriage