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Diaz-Leeds Football Club

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Financial assistance in aid of our 35th Years Existence Celebrations, in August 2020.
Diaz-Leeds Football Club was established in 1985 and are celebrating our 35th birthday this year. Since the
early nineties, we have been leaders in the unification of sports in the West Coast Region. It is our aim to
establish a well-organized, community-based football project in the Saldanha Bay are. In the last few years
football in the West Coast was struggling to reach any recognizable heights, but with affiliations to Safa
West Coast in 2006, the upliftment in the sport was clearly visible, with the result that Diaz-Leeds FC
become the most successful club in the West Coast.
With strong professional, managerial approach the Regional League team and juniors under 12 team
succeeded in ending the season on a very high note and are promising to fast dominate the sport in the
years to come. However to sustain our club and to ensure future success in the sport we as a club are totally
dependent on Donor support.
Although the region are currently experiencing an economic boom, local businesses are not contributing to
development of clubs on a financial level and this hamper our activities on very negative level.
The club will host its birthday and awards ceremony on 8,9 August 2020 in the Diazville Primary School Hall
(Diazville Sports Grounds). However we find it totally impossible to stage the event due to financial
constraints and we therefor appeal to you assist us in this regard. We will be very grateful if you could
donate in order to make the event a success.
We are one of the oldest functional football clubs in Safa West Coast and in 2018/2019 we were
ranked second in the regional league. We are very big community and sport and specifically
football currently plays as vital role in the addressing the many social problems with which our
players are confronted daily. Our club strives to play a critical role in uplifting our youth as well
as the as the greater community.
Like most towns we struggle with the same problems of drug abuse and poverty in our
community. Currently football is the primary recreational activity available to keep the youth
occupied. We want to promote football in Saldanha Bay to a new level of professionalism. With
the current state of our economy it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold major events
without the help of donations from institutions like yourselves and/or other private vendors