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Arise and Shine Evangelistic Association

Arise & Shine Evangelistic Association has grown and increased its ways to accomplish the original goals and vision.

Currently, we are working to:

Establish Christians in God’s Word and train them in evangelism. This is accomplished through the Schools of Bibliology program which is conducted within the local churches and also through training seminars in existing churches.

Provide the highest quality of Biblical education for those called to be ministers of God. This is accomplished through the Arise Shine Christian Theological Seminary (ACTS) which offers several degree plans including Doctorates and the Distance Study Program. (Distance Study Program )

Help ministers to accomplish the call of God on their lives. This is accomplished through the provision of ordination for those trained by ` and by a fellowship of ministers.

Evangelize the multitudes: This is accomplished through street evangelism, crusades, distribution of tracts and Bibles.

Reach the Children: This is accomplished through evangelism outreaches, children’s Bible clubs and the ASEA Christian schools in the Philippines. ( SEED Program )
The establishment of these same goals is the vision of ASEA for London, England and Cape Town, South Africa.

Within the Philippines, ASEA has grown to include many “secondary purposes”. Many of these are related to channeling donated funds to the many needs of a developing country. ASEA helps to meet the many needs in the Philippines through a medical clinic, a disaster relief team, and providing necessary funds in emergency situations.

ASEA is governed by both an International Board of Directors and also on the local level by Boards based in the Philippines and in London, England.