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Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary, Plettenberg Bay South Africa is a forested property of 21,6 hectares and home to approximately 600 rescued primates. In a ground-breaking real estate deal, the current owners of the land have agreed to sell the property to the animals that live on it. To achieve this the owners will sell the forest to NPO - South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA) to hold the property in trust for the monkeys, the title deed conditions will be changed to only allow the land to be used as a primate sanctuary. Clearly the monkeys, lemurs and apes do not have the money to buy this forest themselves, so SAASA started a campaign called "Buy a square metre of forest for the monkeys" with the aim of raising the purchase price including transfer and other costs through crowd funding. Be part of this landmark real estate deal where the animals get to own the land so it can never be taken away from them. The money you donate will be used to buy square metres for the monkeys.