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Donate Now

Donate Now

1. Donate Now is a registered NPO that specialises in raising funds for selected beneficiaries that contribute towards the following:
a. Nature conservancy
b. Domestic animal rescue
c. Feeding schemes
d. Pet sterilisation
e. Illegal animal trade

2. We are exclusively partnered with the following causes, please specify which you are contributing towards:
a. The Ian Player Foundation
b. Feeding Angels
c. The Bee Charity
d. The Bee Conserve
e. Planet Savers
f. Tales of Tails

3. Objectives
a. The organisations' main objectives are to operate and manage effective fundraising methodologies in mainstream areas of concern. These include but are not limited to: disasters and Acts of God, human causes, animal causes, conservation and climate change.
b. The organisations' secondary objective is to facilitate training, job creation and assistance to local communities through education.