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Dreams Development Centre


In all that we do in our communities, we have 3 primary areas of focus namely;

a. Human Development Interventions

GC works to promote innovative solutions that create enabling conditions for entrepreneurship and economic opportunities.
To us the fulfilment of the great commission is when the evangelised are discipled and effectively taught how to live a life that overcomes the world with its social ills. We do the following activities to fulfil the Human development mandate;

• Leadership summits and seminars
This unit focuses on hosting and facilitating conferences and Seminars where we bring highly influential leaders who have made a difference in the world of leadership in Church, business and political circles to inspire community leaders and young people to dream of a better future.
• Entrepreneurial skills development seminars and workshops
This unit focuses on stimulating people while giving them practical training on how to start and run small businesses. This unit has a special focus on young people and women.
• Online Empowerment materials
These are life changing articles and teachings from the stable of Acts Aota and other motivational and inspirational speakers and writers. These are effective and powerful tools that one needs to perform and excel in every area of life, they also assist in stimulating dreams, personal development and spiritual transformation.
• School outreaches(coaching, success clubs, mentoring and metric improvement results strategies)
• Small business enterprise development programme (SBEDP)
The SBEDP fosters the inception of new businesses and provides advisory services for existing and new businesses and specifically, very small (generally only one owner/employee) businesses. DDC assists these micro enterprises as they come out of poverty to adopt Christian principles of business, management and personal financial responsibility.
• Micro-Loan programs
These are used in tandem with a Micro-enterprise development program. A loan program assists business enterprises in obtaining the financing for business start-up, stabilization or expansion. The fact that these loans are repaid, means that the money is made available to expand the service to others. These programs are therefore self-perpetuating.

b. Social Transformation Initiatives
GC strives towards raising a self-reliant generation. GC accomplishes this through effective partnerships with educational institutions, churches and other community based organisations.
DDC passionately engages corporate, government departments, donors and religious organisations to assume full responsibility for the social development of communities, cities and nations.
Our work in social transformation involves the following;
• Care and support initiatives for orphans and vulnerable children (food parcels, school uniforms).
• Child education sponsorships(‘The Educate One’ initiative)
Sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a relationship between you and the community where GC is helping to create real and lasting change. Through the “educate one” initiative, two lives are changed forever: yours and the life of your sponsored child. You can make a lasting change in a community that needs your help. YOU can bring hope to someone brimming with potential but in need of your help.
• HIV & AIDS Awareness campaigns
HIV/AIDS has ravaged most of our communities, taking the lives of parents and family members. Children of all ages are left to fend for themselves, with little or no care, safety or loving home. The children are the indirect victims of this terrible disease. They are left destitute, with little hope for a way out of their situation. Basic needs you and I take for granted like clean water, good food, visits to the doctor, and a positive learning environment are not met for these children.
• Missions
Our programs allow you to take part in meaningful community service work, while discovering the people, sights, smells and tastes of Southern Africa. This is a life changing opportunity to make life-long friends as you share the love of God with them, learn a new culture from the inside out and discover that one person really can make a world of difference. While sharing the love of God with people you will be given the opportunity to participate in the social and academic development of children and young people.

c. Disaster Management
Every year, natural disasters, violence, and other emergencies put thousands of people at risk of losing their lives, their homes, and their sources of income. In the developing world, unrelenting poverty and disparity make disaster recovery especially difficult.
When disaster strikes, GC in partnership with other relief organisations responds with various relief efforts, GC provides disaster assistance through local churches and agencies in the affected area at the request of churches.

GC responds with the following programs:
• Initial on-site disaster assessment program.
• Emergency food service—fixed-site kitchen/feeding and mobile food service.
• In-kind donations of disaster recovery supplies.
• Advocacy for disaster victims (elderly—poor—minorities)
Home repair or rebuilding