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The Dumbe HIV/AIDS Action Group was set up in July 1997 and registered 2001 in response to HIV/AIDS ,STI and TB in Paulpietersburg .We operate directly in 6 wards and villages through 30 Volunteers and we have (1 Director,)( 1 Project Manager)( Coordinator 1)(1 Administrator,) (1 Finance Clerk,1)(1 Cleaner).
Our organization has the capacity to administer the funds that we applying for and our community support for the proposed program?
Dumbe municipality give us the old library we used as our office and we divide into 5 offices in those offices we include kitchen that we cook food for PLWA and TB patients and all our office are furnished
Our hope for winning the fight with HIV/AIDS, STI lies in changing the attitudes and behaviour of the boys of to-day, the men of to-morrow, who will not be afraid of equality with women and who is willing to change their behaviour and attitudes. This should include developing new masculine and feminine ideologies especially among the youth.
The Dumbe HIV/AIDS Organisation, a registered non-government organisation, has been delivering interactive performances to schools, community ,workplace
Dumbe HIV/AIDS Action Group is take part in the (Operation Sukuma Sakhe) that was launched in August 2008 by KZN Premier Dr Zweli Mkhize (eDumbe local Aids Council) the council was formed as the mean and tool to work with tying to fight HIV/AIDS,TB in the area and the Chairperson of the local Aids Council in none other than the Honourable Mayor of eDumbe Municipality and the programme include all Government Departments and NGOs and our organisation is a Modern War room
Sport is not sport without strong competition ,so In 16 June 2010 Dumbe HIV/AIDS Action Group and SPAR sponsored and organized a sport in Dumbe over 3,500 participant came from all wards to compete in(basketball, dance, music isicathamiya) and our care-giver play drama about how to get TB/HIV is was Sport against TB/HIV
We are committed to service excellence through sustainable and co-ordinate level of sexual prevention by establishing partnership with other stakeholders of Dumbe and surrounding area.
To support women who are ill and struggling to survive; assist orphans and other AIDS, TB-affected children; reach brave grandmothers caring for their orphan grandchildren; and sustain associations of people living with HIV/ AIDS, TB
The impact of the project to produce good result ,the society gets assisted and reduces spread of HIV/AIDS,STI,TB in the community
Promote healthy sexual behaviors and reduce the practice of risky sexual behaviors among the community
To empower and involve our communities and institutional leaders in HIV/AIDS STI and TB programme
To reduce HIV and STI incidence among high-risk population in eDumbe
To give talk shows on HIV,STI prevention awareness at community ,schools, churches workplace ,taverns and truck stop
To increase knowledge about HIV and HIV prevention techniques among sex workers
To increase the use of safer sex techniques among youth, men sex with men and sex workers
To increase knowledge among youth about their health status
To conduct 20 one-on-one weekly street outreach sessions
To increase knowledge about HIV,TB,STI prevention to all prisoners around our District
Delaying sexual debut for age appropriate girls (such as in school youth)
Promoting sexual health and awareness of health consequences of sexual activity
Addressing gender inequality and gender-based violence to reduce women’s susceptibility to unplanned pregnancy and HIV and STI infection
To protect the rights of beyond girls with special need and any children at risk of exploitation or abuse in our outside school
To encourage behaviour change to minimize the risk of infection, usually through increased condom use; decreased number of sexual partners; and decreased incidence of sex with high-risk partners
To teach a minimum of 60 clients safer sex strategies through a series of four interactive workshops to be conducted during the last six months of the funding period.
Reducing the incidence of STIs than may increase susceptibility to HIV
Promote awareness of PMTCT services
Provide education and IEC materials on TB treatment, elevated HIV risk and HIV risk-reduction
Increase understanding among men and women of the HIV infection risk posed by multiple partners and specifically by concurrent relationship
Engage people in HCT and maximise prevention opportunities
Increasing understanding of social norms that support sexual behaviour that place health risk
To advocate for children rights.
To train and enlighten people in the ward we serve on the dangers of gender based violence (GBV)
To advocate for good governance with the involvement of women and youth in national development activities.
To address the dangers of new HIV AIDS cases in women and youth and how to prevent the same.
ACTIVITIES: Proposed Program
Specific activities include:
Condom distribution to outlets.
The organization will establish condom outlets in high risk and hard to reach areas including taverns, taxi ranks, truck stops and ensure that people have access to condoms in order to practice safe sex.
Youth Life skills workshops/Trainings
Engage the youth in activities that promote a healthy and productive lifestyle by increasing their awareness of and uptake of combination prevent services (including increasing uptake of HIV testing, MMC, usage of condoms, decrease of teenage pregnancies).
Awareness Campaigns
Conduct campaigns in the community targeting youth and adults that call attention to HIV & AIDS prevention strategies
Community Dialogues
Conduct community dialogues targeting youth and adults with well-defined themes around HIV prevention.
Youth camps
Organize youth camps during school holidays to provide them with accurate information about HIV & AIDS; discuss topics affecting youth such as teenage pregnancy, alcohol & drug abuse, VMMC etc. and encourage individual behaviour change through discussions and activities.
Peer education Training
Organize training for the peer educators to provide them with accurate information on HIV/AIDS,TB and topics related to behaviour change.
Men’s and Woman Dialogues
Conduct men’s dialogues targeting men of all ages with well-defined themes around HIV, TB prevention.
Youth Dialogues
Conduct community dialogues targeting youth with well-defined themes around HIV prevention, teenage pregnancy, and drug and alcohol abuse, VMMC.
Monitoring & Evaluation Team meetings
Hold monthly team meetings to discuss progress, share results & reports and arrange for monthly activities.