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Siyazenzela Youth Transition

SYT is a non-profit organization founded by Mr. M.S. Kheswa in 2007 and it believes in non-sexism and non-racialism as an organization and such it is open to people of all race, group or religion.

The Siyazenzela Youth Transition, (SYT) for short was formed for a lawful purpose and it has the main object of promoting religion, arts sciences, education, charity, recreation, and social activity or any other cultural activity and communal or group interest.

Our proposal request and welcomes any financial contribution in order for us to launch an organisation and address the following common problems faced by young South Africans

• An unfavourable legal environment
• Shortage of effective supportive institutions
• Shortage of programmes for unemployed graduates and post matriculates
• Lack of access to labour market
• Teenage pregnancy and Substance abuse
• Low skills levels
• Lack of access to finance (Bursary and Loans)
• Lack of communication (Government and People)
• Lack of access to information (career and healthy life style awareness)