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Dyer Island Conservation Trust

If you take action out of conservation you are literally left with a meaningless word – “onserv” We make a difference, we act, we get things done. We do CONSERVATION.

We discover through research and observation.
We are part of the environment we live in.
We see and feel the changes.
We take that responsibility.

We focus on:

African penguin: We started the development & deployment of artificial nests for the African penguin in 2006. Through ongoing research and collaboration we have continued in our quest to find the ultimate African penguin penthouse.We opened the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary in February 2015

Great White Shark: We embarked on an intensive research programme to statistically calculate the probable population size of the Great white shark in the Dyer Island area.
We used acoustic tagging to determine the interaction of the Great white sharks with their environment, habitat & prey. We collaborated with researchers from universities in South Africa & abroad to understand how physiological stress and genetics affect individual behaviour in a large apex predator.
We studied the presence & effect of persistent organic pollutants on the reproductive health of Great white sharks.
We investigated the relationship between cage diving and Great white shark behaviour by comparing control and cage-diving designated areas.
Clean marine: We initiated and managed the Fishing Line Bin Project.
We initiated, designed & manufactured a stormwater drain outlet pollution capturing net system that we are trialling in collaboration with the Overstrand municipality for possible deployment in the larger Overstrand area.

Discover,Protect,Educate, Collaborate