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Cape Mental Health

One in four persons will be affected by a mental disorder at some stage in their lives, but the COVID-19 pandemic has undermined the mental health of people on an unprecedented scale. Youth in particular experience mental health problems and need support as they and their families struggle with the socio-economic impact of the extended lockdown.

With a rich history deep-rooted in human rights, advocacy, innovation and best practice and going back to 1913, Cape Mental Health provides mental health services to about 34 000 vulnerable persons each year who have no other access to affordable, compassionate and dignified mental health care.

Based in Observatory, we provide inclusive community-based and virtual mental health services to urban and rural communities in the Western Cape Province. We also train service providers across South Africa in the mental health and mental disability sector to improve the quality of service provision. We measure our success, not in the awards we have received, but in how we can enable service users with a psychosocial disability or intellectual disability to develop their abilities and achieve the highest possible level of independence and well-being.

Children and adults with mental health challenges are not invisible – we need to see them and hear them and respond to their needs through interventions that build resilience and coping skills, bring hope and prevent loss of life. Help us by donating today – visit