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Ecoforum is a Five-Fold Ascension graces leadership designation. Almighty God gave some to be Kings, Priests & Prophets (not Presidents). This were to be totally consecrated and dependent to the Creator and His voice. He who does not the will of the Father was vindicated or dethroned (not Voted) and another was chosen. We believe that a choice vine with fresh insight, restrained by the Creator for such a time as thus, is to be presented in our time.

No wonder almost all Presidents are sworn into office by the use of the Bible, the authority and help by the Almighty God, said “O, help me LORD”. And all judicial procedures are subjected to the sworn in by use of “O, help me LORD”. And lastly the Parliament is being subjected to prayer afore its business (so called Meditation). This enlightens us that the ‘Doctrine of Separation of Powers’ is a godly structure depicted from the scriptures without lawfully quoting the Holy Scriptures (Isaiah 33:22).