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Eden Angels

We are like minded working moms, who became friends while supporting bigger organizations, but this was limiting and we all felt that we could make a bigger difference by getting more personally involved, so we decided to start our own NPC called Eden Angels. We believe in spending more time in developing relationships with families that cross our path needing help. By giving our time we in turn can mentor, give emotional support and guide them through every day challenges that can sometimes seem like huge obstacles. And so they become family! Every time you extend kindness to our needs we can spread our wings ....

We also help with daily needs like food, toiletries, clothes and everything and anything that shares a little bit of kindness. Unfortunately these items aren't easily available and it’s a constant struggle to keep up with the needs.

Our FB page is updated regularly so you can see what we are up to. Please like our page and spread the word of whom we are and what we do for a community in great need.

Our aim is to give a dream to those who are not allowed to dream. We do this by providing clothes, meals, school supplies or simply encourage a sense of self worth and dignity. We would appreciate any kind of donations whether it is food, clothes, everyday toiletries or even just your support.
We are the guardian angels for the minority. Each time you extend kindness to another, you spread your wings. May our wings spread far and wide!