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Edu-build Development

Edu-build harbours a passion for people. At our centre, social barricades do not exist. We promote holistic wellbeing and include the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing into our curriculum. We aim at reinventing and improving South Africa from the root by watering the seed of knowledge and education in individuals widespread.

The problem is we run on borrowed fumes. We currently educate five grades in a single classroom due to lack of monetary capital and labour force. We use a borrowed bus to transport students half and hour from their home city to our centre every morning and every afternoon after class. We are in desperate needs of funds to continue our project. Most of our clients are completely reliant on our services as we don't only provide a place of education to those who cannot afford the mainstream route; we provide a place of safety and belonging. We assist parents in need of jobs and assist students in attaining bursaries and jobs after matric.

Your donation is pivotal to our sustainability. We do this out of the goodness of our hearts and pray that the collateral beauty reaches far and wide.