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Effective Treatment Africa

Our Mission

The core of ETA is to ensure that people living with HIV & AIDS are mobilized, organized and empowered in a movement that secures their rights in all spheres of life through education, capacity building and aspire to end stigma thus bringing awareness to a possible effective treatment of key populations.

At Effective Treatment Africa (ETA) it is our mission to ensure that all African people living with HIV get access to the latest and up to date information relating to their
diagnosis. We are here not only to help those living with HIV, but to support those affected. We aim to work with all groups in our diverse communities respecting all beliefs and cultures. Effective Treatment Africa will battle against stigma and support the right of all to live equally amongst us. ETA believes in an HIV free generation and are committed to providing all the education that is needed to achieve this goal.

Focus Areas of Work/Programmes:
➢ Education and Capacity Building
➢ Establishment, revival and coordination of Support Group Networks
➢ Advocating and coordinating an online campaigns and expanding on our
social media base.
➢ Developing thematic training materials on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Effective Treatment, Gender Based Violence, LGBTIQ & Knowledge building.
➢ Replicating our programs throughout Africa.


HIV, throughout Africa, is still a major challenge in 2018. Despite easy access to medication, Stigma poses a huge threat to those seeking medication for HIV. Our communities are seriously lacking in up to date education on the virus and how it is transmitted and treated. Far to many Africans in rural areas are dying every year for reasons of Stigma, lack of education, and also non adherence on medication for various reasons.

Organisational Background

We heard the call for help in June 2017. We realized that through our work at the Through positive Eyes Exhibition, an initiative to educate and banish stigma by the University of Los Angeles educating youth, African problems needed African solutions and many Western organisations just didn’t understand the unique needs of our communities. Through Facebook, we reached out to the continent, and successfully have now more than 12,500 members. We have reached over 2.2 million people in our continent. We have an online peer counseling service which has helped many people and has literally talked those suffering of a cliff edge. Even today we are asked extremely basic questions about HIV.

We knew that the success of Facebook meant we could start the next face of ETA prompting us to register the organisation in September 2017 and start the roll out of our key programs. All of these programs have been designed to meet the specific needs of African people.

The programs and the biography of our team will be covered further in this document. The members and directors of our team are all long term survivors of HIV. This gives us a really positive and unique edge when reaching out and we seek through, our programs, to eradicate the fear and help people get to a point where treatment is a safe and healthy option for the majority.