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Ellen Cooper M M

The World

In the world today, many people are affected by unimaginable issues. Somewhere in the world, someone is crying out for help, someone is begging for mercy, some social issues have not yet been heard and some stories have not yet been told. No cause is greater than the other, no pain is lesser than the other. We are all human, brothers and sisters longing for one thing: To be HAPPY. Therefore, we at Fashion Outreach are raising our hands saying, (WE) want to do something about it.

Who we are

Fashion Outreach a non-profit-organisation that aims to transform the lives of people in need, this includes people from all different walks of life. Fashion Outreach is run by the youth that have dedicated their skills, talents and life experiences into building a platform which will create change for people in need.

Our mission

Fashion Outreach aims to aid and empower people that find themselves in desperate situations by creating unique campaigns that are inspired by fashion, raising funds and awareness to support various charities and individuals.

Our approach

Our three main objectives are to raise awareness and to raise funds.

Raising awareness– by shooting campaigns that will be uploaded on our social media channels. Researching and writing articles that will be published on our website and encouraging people to read them. As part of our long-term goal we plan to sell T-shirts that communicate messages based on a particular social issues.

Raise Funds – Our long-term goal is to create a sustainable online store that will promote and support local artisans in Africa. The aim of the online store is to create employment and support people in need by donating a percentage of our proceeds.

We aim to host fundraiser events and to come up with campaigns that are inspired by fashion that will benefit people in need. As a transparent non-profit-company we aim to report all the work we do on our website.