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Empowervate - YCAP

Empowervate - YCAP

In 2013 Empowervate Trust was registered as a non-profit organisation and public benefit organisation to play a role in the holistic education of youth, empowering and motivating them to become active citizens. Its core programme is YCAP.
The programme fosters skills development, personal development and makes an impact on the schools and communities in each of the nine provinces. Issues such as environmental issues, social problems, academic challenges and safety are some of the topics that are presented by the learners each year.
You can make a once-off donation of any amount, buy tickets to a YCAP event or join the 99 Action Club.
The 99 Action Club - By donating R99 per month (cheaper than a lunch out) you can help us to empower and motivate more learners in schools across the country. Together we can create new generations of active citizens who have values, skills and the drive to make change. You will be eligible for a Section 18a tax certificate at the end of the tax year.