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Epilepsy SA South Cape Karoo

Our home has been in Knysna since May 1985 and prides itself on the care of vulnerable persons. We have various projects of which 3 are our main focus. Our first focus is the residential facility that provides housing for 53 residents with Epilepsy and or other disabilities, some who have been here for 31 years. Our services include healthy balanced meals, 24 hour nursing care and general care for our residents. Our second main program is the day care which is a program for 23 attendees in the community surrounding our center. They are collected from and returned to their homes on a daily basis from Monday to Friday. They receive a healthy balanced meal & general care / development. Our third main project focusses on the wellbeing of persons with disability. We have a social worker who tends to social requirements and assistance in surrounding community and 2 community developers who each have projects to empower and teach disabled persons to become self sufficient through organic home gardens or needlework groups. Our other services include a protective workshop where wooden products are manufactured and sold to the public. Our charity shop in town displays some of the products and sells the donated goods to the public. Our mission is to be an effective non profit organization driven by business principles, rendering a holistic service to people with epilepsy and / or other disabilities to reach their full potential.