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Epilepsy SA South Cape Karoo Branch

We are professionals who care for the holistic well being of people with Epilepsy and/or other disabilities. We are a registered non profit organisation that relies on donations and funding to run our organisation. We offer practical and holistic care to 50 residents with various disabilities, not just people with Epilepsy. It costs our organisation R9000 per month per resident for the bare essentials. We also offer care and support to those with Epilepsy and other disabilities and their extended families in our community.
Vision - Epilepsy South Africa: Igniting the flame of potential
Mission - Epilepsy South Africa promotes human rights and an inclusive society for persons with disabilities, primarily persons with Epilepsy.
Primary Directive -  To be an effective non-profit organisation driven by business principles rendering a holistic service to people with Epilepsy and/or other disabilities and their families to improve their ability to reach their full potential.
We strive to be the leading service provider for people with Epilepsy and/or other disabilities in the South Cape/Karoo region.
Residency - We offer 24 hour holistic care for individuals with epilepsy and other disabilities.  Our residential facility is for persons who can no longer live with their families or independently for a variety of reasons. Often from very poor areas. Few can afford to contribute to the running cost of our facility, therefore we rely primarily on grants and donations to fund us. We have a professional staff of 33 people, nurses and caregivers, social workers, community development workers and admin staff. Our staff have one thing in common, a love for the people we care for and a strong desire to help them to reach their full potential.
Community Support and Outreach - Our professional staff are very involved in the surrounding community providing care and support for people with Epilepsy and/or other disabilities and their family members. This includes 2 sewing groups teaching individuals the skills to generate their own income. which help to empower and uplift the people in the groups. Our services include support groups to individuals living with and affected by disabilities as well as after care school groups educating children on epilepsy and how to assist during a seizure. 
Day Care -  We collect persons with Epilepsy and other disabilities from their homes every day of the week from Monday to Friday. This project focuses on the well being of individuals in the community and surrounds.  We offer a safe space for disabled adults on a daily basis while their families / care givers are at work.  This includes stimulating activities and a balanced lunch.
We cover from the Craggs right up to Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay and everywhere between. This includes Wilderness, Sedgefield, George, Karatara, Rheenendal and Plettenberg Bay.