Cause Index


PSYCHO-SOCIAL SUPPORT The Psychosocial consist out of the substance Abuse support services that is a 16 week intervention focused on 8 weeks early intervention, followed by 8 weeks aftercare.
EARLY INTERVENTION The Early Intervention program is based on the philosophy where immediate action is needed to tackle problems for both children and family before the problem becomes too catastrophic to reverse.
YOUTH BUILD UNEMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME A program directed towards employment capacity building skills is the youth build program. The aim is to make youth more employable by assisting with placements at different institutions to gain more work experience.
CHARACTER YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME The Character Youth Leadership Program is (essentially) an after-school program designed to encourage the Personal & Social Education of Grades 8 to 12, learners through mentoring style interaction. The program has been written to encourage the holistic development of young people mostly likely to be ‘influencers’ in their peer groups. The aim of the course is to promote the importance of ‘whole’ person health and well-being, by using a combination of classroom and sport-field activities that teach character, personal and social responsibility.
HADASSAH GIRL EMPOWERMENT PROGRAMME One of our prestigious events is the Annual Hadassah Matric Assistance projects continue to inspire young matric girls under one of our co-founders Meagan Duckitt to strive towards academic diligence, and thereby giving them a bird’s eye view of the success they can achieve through hard work. Within this manner we are able to support matric girls with functional support to prepare them for their future.
GOING 4 GOLD LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME The Going For Gold is a leadership and motivation programme. This programme is linked to The Presidents Awards. This is an international programme and it will assist members if they want to further their studies.
SUBSTANCE ABUSE We have identified our highest age group substance dependency is between the ages of 15 and 18 years of age. We have identified, through contact, that youth who misuse substances are prone to experiencing strained relationships at home, meager academic performance, poor self-esteem and self-worth. We have identified that, some learners suffer from dual pathology. The clients care plan (Action plan) is completed with the client. An 8 model intervention program is drawn up, based on the Matrix model. Program rendered every week, for 8 weeks consecutively.