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ExSight is an upliftment organisation for broken communities, a voluntary association registered as a
Non-Profit organisation, Reg. nr. 029-318-NPO
Public Benefit Organisation, Reg. nr. 930011846
ExSight is addressing the immediate needs of a community but at the same time, working towards a long term solution for poverty, crime, disease, violence, drug abuse and other social evils.
ExSight addresses the need by…
Distributing clothing, seeking shelter, providing counseling, doing skills training, teaching life skills, supporting underprivileged students, generating an income for needy people, and creating employment.
As a non-profit organisation ExSight is fully dependent upon donations and sponsorships


Our Vision is to “Transform the Community”

Our mission is to reach out to and guide broken communities, regardless of racial composition or religious or language predominance, towards healing in all spheres of need, so that in time communities shall be equipped to take care of and assume responsibility for its own needs.

SINCE 2003
Besides networking with numerous other organisations and various small outreaches and support, ExSight established and supported the following projects:
Project House – Newlands, Jo’burg
A house in Newlands Johannesburg was used to run several projects from; including computer training, creative design training, cooking and baking classes, life skills training and counselling.
Swavana – Huntington, Hazyview
What started with 5 abandoned children in the veld near the Kruger National Park, developed into a pre-school of more than 130 children and is currently continuing with several drop-in centres, feeding and assisting more than 300 vulnerable children with homework and counselling, every day. This project grew to such an extent that it was registered as a separate non-profit organisation.
From the Heart Care Centre – Princess, Roodepoort
ExSight became involved with several crèches and churches in the Princess informal settlement located behind Westgate shopping centre in Roodepoort, providing food parcels and donations in kind such as toys, toilets, blankets, etc.
ExSight also purchased 1,7 Hectare of land to ensure the future of the “From the Heart Care Centre” which is currently caring for and teaching more than 140 children on a daily basis.

ExSight established three training programmes in Newlands
ExSight reached out to a rural community in Haizyview, erecting three drop-in centers and eventually assisted these programmes to form an independant nonprofit organisation.
ExSight acquired land in Princess, Roodepoort, to assist From the Heart Care Center to establish a pre-school, serving the children living in the informal settlement.
ExSight founded a mini-farm and built a computer center, providing computer training to the underprivileged in the community.

Three primary training projects will be run from the property
Computer skills
Creative design
Domestic work

Certificates will be issued to people who successfully complete the courses and they will be assisted in their endeavours to find proper employment.

Employment will be created in the form of:
Maintenance of the property
Selling of homemade articles from the property
Running a coffee shop
Establishing vegetable gardens

Therapy and counseling will be provided to people who cannot afford professional help
Occupational Therapy
Play Therapy
Animal Assited Counseling for abused children
Marriage and Family Counseling