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Faith Centre Malvern Assembly

Faith Centre Malvern Assembly

Founded in 2000, Faith Centre Malvern Assembly is a non-denominational, multicultural church led by Senior Bishop EP Mkhize. Initially started with a handful of believers in the local school hall, Faith Centre Malvern Assembly has since grown to other parts of South Africa.
Faith Centre Malvern Assembly operates as a non-profit organization with its main Branch in Johannesburg, Gauteng Growth and changing demographics have given rise to branches in Boksburg (Gauteng) and Manguze (KZN)
Faith Centre is a part of the community in bible-based learning, empowering the community in the areas of education, food security, emotional well-being and continuously emphasising the role of family and growth. The Church was borne out of a vision of its Founder and Senior Pastor, Bishop EP Mkhize to follow God’s instruction for a ministry whose foundation is the Bible and nothing else.
We continue to seek God’s Grace and Instruction in everything we undertake as a church, in churching planting, edifying the Body of Christ, dealing with evolving social issues while staying true to God’s will.