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Families South Africa (FAMSA) Western Cape

 To strengthen & support families/ relationships in crises, at risk or in transition, through the provision of preventative, reconstructive and developmental services in the field of inter-personal relationships - building resilience and independence.

 To provide counselling and education to individuals, couples and families who experience problems in their relationships, including: relationship/ communication breakdown, domestic violence, affairs, divorce, step-families, bereavement, trauma, financial and employment issues, parenting issues, HIV/AIDS etc.

 To promote sound inter-personal relationships in “families”, in marriages and in the community.

 To disseminate knowledge and information about personal relationships, family life, parenting, domestic & gender-based violence, marriage preparation and enrichment, divorce, mediation, sexuality, bereavement, trauma and HIV and AIDS/TB.

 To educate women, men, girls and boys regarding specific issues which are pertinent to their rights/ roles/ health and families’ and inform them regarding available resources.

 To address the problem of domestic violence through preventative educational workshops in communities, running psycho-educational groups for perpetrators of domestic violence, women’s support groups, and offering counselling to individuals.

 To provide mediation/ parenting plan services for couples who are considering divorce.

 To involve the community in identifying and addressing inter-personal relationships needs. To develop preventative, family-centred, community based programmes. This will include social and life skills training, parenting skills training, marriage and family enrichment. These programmes will also address family violence and counteract violence against women and children.

 To promote and conduct training in the field of counselling, family life and inter-personal relationships to community members. Specifically, to train lay community members in disadvantaged areas in basic counselling skills, referral skills, and capacity to work with and refer domestic violence, child abuse, and HIV/AIDS issues and to provide ongoing supervision of this counsellor work in communities.

 To assess and integrate beneficiary needs, research findings, information and trends concerning inter-personal relationships.

 To liaise, network and co-ordinate with individuals, institutions or organisations, anywhere, working in related fields of activity.

 To lobby on issues concerning family life and inter-personal relationships.

 To provide training to others in the helping professions on specialized family/relationship counselling skills: For example: couple work, domestic violence, relationship enrichment and preparation for marriage, affairs, divorce counselling, family counselling, sexual counselling, clinical supervision, basic counselling etc.

 To encourage and undertake relevant research on family life, divorce, single parents, youth, inter-personal relationships and problems related thereto.

 To prevent and the spread of HIV/AIDS infection and reduce the stigma there-of through the employment and supervision of HCT / PMTC /Adherence/ TB Lay Counsellors in clinics.

 To address the issue of poverty in communities through Poverty Alleviation Programmes.

 To educate and support groups and individuals who have experienced trauma through offering trauma debriefing/ support/ defusement and counselling to people in need.

 To provide vulnerable children between the ages of 6 and 12 years old (in Khayelitsha), a safe place to go to after school and in the holidays.

 To provide an ongoing evaluation of FAMSA’s role and services within the family and field of inter-personal relationships.

 Undertake any other activities in pursuance of the above objectives or which are necessary or incidental thereto or which it may be expedient to undertake to attain any of the said objectives.