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Family Care Association

Family Care Association is a faith-based and locally registered non-profit umbrella organization providing structure and services to approved member projects in South Africa. We strive to connect sponsors and those with the means to make a difference, large or small, in a reliable and ethical way to the projects and causes that need them and that will use the given resources wisely and efficiently.

We benefit approved member projects by providing them with a platform for pooling resources and experience, a common identity with which to increase public awareness of and raise support for their projects.

Our mission is to provide humanitarian and other aid and assistance to those individuals or communities around us who need it, and to minister not just to the physical needs of the body but also to the spiritual needs of the soul, to make a difference not just in an individual’s immediate circumstances, but to make a lasting difference in the heart.

Our mission is not simply to give handouts, but to uplift and benefit communities in a lasting way by inspiring and encouraging individuals to challenge their circumstances and to take the necessary steps to move forward and to improve their lives and the lives of their families and the community around them.