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Shaping Futures

Food For life Shaping Futures supplies to the sub-economical parts of the Boland, Western Cape, Strand, Somerset West and Velddrif regions where the need for food and support persists. Primary schools are mainly feeding themselves on their own, therefore our assistance with various projects. We get no assistance from the state. The position regarding financial assistance from parents is very limited. Approximately 65% of parents from our communities are partly or fully unemployed, some families live only on welfare support. Statistics show that 27% of parents in these schools have a permanent job with a live able salary. The schools have until now tried to satisfy the need for education positively but is forced to ask you and the general public to assist with donations to keep this up. We don’t even speak about the school funds not paid annually. The various suburbs with small or no shopping centers makes it impossible to fund these schools out of their direct community therefore then the country wide projects by the F.R.C. The schools only have a few sponsors therefore we ask the Samaritans of our world to please find it in your hearts to help us. The schools represent all raced groups and all colors with statistics showing that: Demographics averages of the schools 45% parents cannot supply lunch at home 81% have no roadworthy car 47% cannot pay school fees in full 23% cannot pay at all Race demographics are: 86% Black, Colored and Asian 14% Caucasian. Shaping Futures started with feeding Projects in 2004 when we realized that children in our schools come to study on empty stomachs [hungry] or without any form of food to carry them through the day. Our soup kitchen is currently feeding +/- 300 children on a permanent daily basis as far as possible. The need for vegetables, tinned food, meiliemeal, sugar, rice and meat [all sorts] is in great demand to keep these kitchens open. We try as far as possible to give meals consisting of protein, carbos and love to satisfy the needs of every one. House hold circumstances is intolerable, in some instances people live in shacks, out buildings and caravans. Children have mainly single parents without work and NO INCOME. Most children have only one set of clothing and very few have something warm for winter. Fundraising for this is very important in our winter months. We plea on behalf of our schools and children for your positive response regarding our the soup kitchens and the need of our children. Thank you for the time it took you to red this plea and we pray that God Bless you what ever your answer. Please feel free to contact us for any other info you might request or paper work that you might