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Father's House Family Church

Father's House started out in 1995 under the leadership of Pastor George Georgiou, now the Senior Pastor of the organisation. The church's aim is to communicate the gospel of Jesus in an uncomplicated, uncluttered and simple way, and teach a way of living that is based on biblical principals. The church services run on Sundays at 9am and 6pm, and welcomes many people from all walks of life, from a wide variety of backgrounds. The church runs many activities, classes and courses during the week such as: Bible teaching, Counselling, Parenting Courses, Marriage Preparation Courses, and various technology related training. Father's House also serves as a platform for social upliftment programs to advertise and acquire volunteers and recourses. Initiatives like: Work-4-a-Living, Just1HR, Zanethemba Charity Foundation, Hope Jones Foundation, Fighting Chance etc etc… The Church also runs annual conferences and shows in aid of raising funds for certain projects and initiatives.