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Free of TB NPO

Free of TB provides healthcare and education to poor and needy persons afflicted with diseases of poverty (tuberculosis, HIV and pneumonia).

This will be achieved through:
-Educating people about diseases of poverty (TB, HIV and pneumonia) including the
dissemination of knowledge within their communities.
-Assisting patients with treatment failure and drug-resistant tuberculosis who
have been discharged from hospitals to reduce the risk of transmission to others
living in close proximity.
-The establishment of a hospice-type (palliative) care facility for treatment
failures and drug-resistant TB patients who have been discharged from hospital
and whose home situation is such that there is a high risk of TB transmission to
others living in the same home.
Provision of newer TB and HIV diagnostic tools to streamline detection when these are unavailable and/ or inaccessible.
We also facilitate extended drug sensitivity testing for destitute drug-resistant TB patients, in order to develop a salvage regimen (especially, when such tests are unavailable in the public sector).
Facilitating active case finding of community-based TB cases using novel and portable molecular approaches.
Promoting advocacy and education about diseases of poverty.
Facilitating innovative approaches to case detection through HIV self-testing.