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Fire Generation


To impart the Fire of God back into the church and into the lives of believers throughout South Africa, Africa and other continents. To see the Kingdom of God manifest on the earth in power, by mighty signs and wonders, healing & deliverance. To preach & teach the Gospel and to see the end-time harvest come in.

To operate a ministry in power and authority, that will impact a generation with the Fire of God that will see signs and wonders, healing and deliverance, as a daily occurrence.


Our heart is to see Africa and the nations touched by the Fire of God and to see God’s power and glory manifest on this earth like never before.

With a mandate from God our strategy is to go to towns and cities, and to light the Fire of God in the hearts of hungry and willing people and in the process light the fires of revival that will see the Glory of God poured out on this earth and the end-time harvest coming in.

More than ever before, the time has come for the church to demonstrate the Word and power of God to a dying world. Children of God need a new boldness that will propel them to do everything that God has destined them to do. It is the Fire of God combined with Faith and the Word, that will equip the church to fulfil it’s destiny.

Fire Generation rents town halls and other venues and conducts 3-4 day meetings that transforms the spiritual atmosphere over towns and ushers in a spirit of revival and power that breaks the back of darkness and sees the Kingdom of God being established in power and glory.