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Fisantekraal Animal Welfare

Fisantekraal Animal Welfare

Helping people to help animals.
FAW’s main focus is primary healthcare, dog and cat sterilisations (spay/neuter), and empowering owners to care for their pets.

FAW helps and advises residents about animal care, provides subsidised food and feeds animals, treats animals for ticks, fleas, and mange, helps sick animals, provides kennels, assists with collars and runners, vaccinates against rabies and other diseases, and organises sterilisations. (Prior to the drought crisis, FAW also bathed and dipped dogs.) Unwanted, neglected, or abused animals are taken into foster care for rehoming where possible.

All FAW work is funded by donations from the public and businesses. FAW staff members are primarily unpaid volunteers, along with two paid local community members.

FAW does not have an animal shelter; all animals under FAW’s care awaiting homes or undergoing treatment board at nearby Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre or in private foster homes when available.