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Flojo Butterfly Foundation

The foundation was birthed during the harsh realities of the novel Corona Virus pandemic that gripped the world, our country, and our nation during the early months of 2020.
The main challenges identified by the foundation, appear to be centered around the lack of employable skills and ultimate placement in the job/employment sector.
Noting with concern the struggles faced by the youth, and the unemployed in our South African society, the flojo Butterfly Foundation was established.
In this light, the flojo Butterfly Foundation aims:

� To contribute towards the alleviation of South Africa�s struggle with unemployment and poverty
� To provide simple skill tools and mentorship that will empower individuals to generate an income through knowledge and various skill sets.
� To promote self-confidence and social skills generated by becoming a productive, self-sufficient member of society and in so doing, creating a culture of �earn your success�.
My late mother Cassie Peters had the nickname BUTTERFLY. She embraced all the qualities attributed to this delicate creature. I thought it appropriate to name the foundation in honour of her legacy. The flojo Butterfly Foundation is a registered Non-Profit Company striving to assist with the ever-growing unemployment rate in South Africa. Our dynamic partner network aims to capacitate the unemployed with skills to achieve their dreams with the means to support themselves, and their families, by entering the post Covid employment market.

Your esteemed organization has been selected as one of many companies, who I believe, may be best suited to match our vision by working together with myself and the organization, your investment and support will assist us in achieving that vision.
Your company can contribute by:

1. Funding the flojo Butterfly foundation on a monthly/annual basis.
2. Donating a once off amount.
3. Providing in-house training of basic skills necessary to meet the requirements of various positions within your organization. This will enable a nominated individual to be trained by your company while simultaneously being paid a stipend by our foundation. We will ensure the individual delivers a standard of work and attendance which will comply with your company standards. Thereafter, the trainee will potentially obtain future full-time employment within your organization or within another company.
4. Sharing with us a list of employees whose services you have terminated because of Covid-19.
5. Any other form of assistance that you could and are willing to offer will be much appreciated.
These opportunities are accessible to all, the many young graduates who find themselves without the necessary basic hands-on skills to enter the workforce, as well as to the many whose dreams and ambitions cannot be realized due to limited finances.
The flojo Butterfly Foundation also believes that there are many middle-aged people both who have much experience but lack employment opportunities.
The flojo Butterfly Foundation has a mission to co-ordinate the training, development and empowering of people to reach their full potential in the work place.
By partnering, communicating, co-ordinating and cooperating with companies, individuals and all relevant willing parties, the flojo Butterfly Foundation anticipates success for each member on our program.
The flojo Butterfly Foundation aims to help remove barriers for low skilled individuals by developing self-esteem and confidence to all committed to the programme
The flojo Butterfly Foundation endeavours to create a climate favourable to small business creation which is entrepreneur friendly.
The flojo Butterfly Foundation has a wish to incorporate within our clients, the spiritual values of the Butterfly, which are:
� Endurance: to remain committed even in the face of adversity
� Transparent: like the wings of the butterfly
� Change: from limitation to freedom
� Hope: belief and conviction in future success
� Life: transform like the caterpillar into to the butterfly