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Flying for Freedom SA

Flying For Freedom SA is a non-profit organization and is all about animals and the conservation of animals.

With the use of a helicopter, our pilot Tokkie Botes has sponsored over a thousand hours flying to different sites where help is needed, as well as flying veterinarians to snared animals and assisting with anti poaching operations.

FFFSA often assists with the engine room work, like trimming the Rhino horns in the North West Parks, Mpumalanga Parks Board, Privately owned Farms, Reserves and The Kruger National Parks to discourage poaching. It does not stop there. From snares to brutally butchered animals to a lonely calf who needs some loving care, Flying For Freedom is there but we need your help to fight! To save our heritage, become a sponsor today! Donate and help us save more animals’ lives! All donations, large and small will be gratefully received. Corporate sponsorship would make a huge difference to us growing this vital organization.

We welcome any questions regarding the conservation work we do and would love to be in touch.