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Fodisong Community and Health Centre NPC

The main object of the Company is to provide primary health care services to the greater community of Itsoseng/Malibongwe Ridge. The activities related to this object include:

• A wellness baby clinic to reduce infant mortality by providing immunizations to all children below 12 years;
• Providing ante natal care to pregnant woman and post natal care to new born babies;
• Reproductive health care to reduce the number of unwanted and teenage pregnancies;
• Treatment of all sexual transmitted infections;
• Breast and cervical cancer screening;
• HIV counselling and testing
• Curative services to treat all illnesses
• TB screening and health education to reduce the number of new TB infections; and
• Chronic services for the management of chronic diseases e.g. hypertension, asthma, diabetes mellitus.
• Providing allied health services, including but not limited to, eye and ear diagnostics.