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For the Cause

For the Cause is a non-profit, volunteer run, online portal that connects volunteers with charity and community organizations throughout South Africa.

Our aim is to help other needy causes that are actively involved in communities by connecting them with volunteers and assisting them with projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to drive the development, growth and productivity of needy causes in South Africa by connecting them with all the support they need in order for them to help others.

Our Mission

* For the Cause realizes the full potential of the Internet, which provides universal access to full participation in social development. We are therefore dedicated to providing an online service which connects volunteers with needy causes in South Africa by using the Internet as our main channel.

* We aim to implement empowering and sustainable projects that will assist the needy through the SMILES :) campaign. The SMILES :) campaign basically aims to put a smile on someone by making a positive difference to their lives. This may be by feeding them a meal, getting them a job, or helping them have fun.

* We aim to raise awareness for our cause in order to get support and be recognized as a brand that's making a difference

* We aim to raise awareness on issues that affect our country, such as HIV/AIDS

* We aim to help create a culture of love, care and giving. We want to change the mindsets of people and help us all unite with the goal of making our country a better place and being proudly South African.