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For the Frontline

Our project aims to provide basic PPE to Frontline healthcare workers to protect them during this pandemic by donating FDA Approved Surgical Masks.

Frontline healthcare workers are more vulnerable to infections which leads to a further strain on the health care system.

If healthcare workers work without personal protective equipment (PPE), they're risking their lives. And that also risks the lives of the people they serve.

By providing healthcare workers with basic PPE, they can be protected from chronic stress and poor mental health during the COVID 19 pandemic and will have a better capacity to fulfil their roles.

Health care workers, being on the frontline of the Covid-19 responses may lead to their families and communities avoiding or rejecting them because of increased stress and fear of contagion

It is important that health care workers stay connected with their loved ones and receive the support

The availability of efficient PPE for health care workers is in this context is absolutely key.