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Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA

Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in SA

Based at the Ear Institute in Pretoria, Gauteng, the Foundation for Children with Hearing Loss in Southern Africa focuses on changing the lives of children and adults with hearing disabilities. Established in 1992 with the God-given vision “To make a difference in Deaf Education” and registered as a non-profit organisation in 1997, we strive to create a better future for deaf children by maximizing their learning opportunities and then subsequently prepare them for assimilation into the hearing world.

We embrace 2 main projects which is to offer financial assistance for unprivileged deaf children with bursaries to attend a mainstream school and receive speech- and language therapy in order to reach their full potential. Furthermore, we also offer financial support for cochlear implants to children and adults with limited financial means.

We concentrate on early intervention and continued support towards our patients, to ensure better hearing and improved speech development for a quality life where they can in return make a difference in society when they have the ability to hear and speak.

Our programmes extend beyond mere schooling to include parent guidance, audiological and medical support, maximum use of technology (hearing aids, cochlear implants, FM communication, interactive white boards, etc.) and training of professionals and students from around the world.

Our unique paradigm in childhood education fosters important changes in the way people think about the education of deaf children in the mainstream of society and serves as a model for inclusive education internationally.

We specifically focus to support individuals living in rural areas and disadvantaged communities inside the boarders of Southern Africa, but we are committed to act as a change agent for all people with hearing loss internationally.

To give the gift of hearing via a cochlear implant equals independence, communication and the chance to be part of society. If a child with a hearing loss has optimal amplification and is able to have the access to quality education, it will result in independent employment as an adult in the future, meaning that they will also contribute to the economy and the development of their community.

We also believe that strong and healthy relationships between corporate brands, businesses and NPO organisations are crucial for fundraising projects that make a difference in the communities of South Africa. With strong marketing campaigns, constant exposure and exceptional awareness of the work we do, our projects succeed in empowering our community through education, healthcare, social need, poverty alleviation and job creation.

We endeavour to ensure sustainability for each of our projects to give the gift of hearing to many deaf individuals in South Africa. By providing deaf children and adults with cochlear implants, we can assist them to progress and grow academically, intellectually and emotionally.

We will continuously aim to offer this positive impact to the world, because hearing gives life and it’s our way of sharing success and bringing the promise of a quality life to those who need it most. We are not afraid of looking into the future, and the possibilities yet to be recognized, because our ongoing effort to change deaf education is a passport to a better future for our children and our country.