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Founders School

Founders Community School is a private owned multi-racial institution which provides education services for students in Grade 0 up to Grade 12. The school is located in Pretoria – Berea Park.

The school is registered with the Gauteng Department of Education (Reg No. GDE 40 0008)

Founders School policies revolve around improving and maintaining high standards of education, working more closely with parents, assuming great financial responsibility, coping with increasing multi-cultural school population, managing change and conflict and generally being more accountable to the community we serve.

Mission Statement

To check the imbalances of the past apartheid education; to bridge gaps, crevices and cracks which were found in one end of the education see-saw and smoothness and weight of education on the other end; to stimulate and inform all and sundry to offer possible solutions to education problems; to challenge, for better, entrenched practices and negative attitudes; to educate and motivate learners to be disciplined, responsible, industrious and reliable; to develop the staff member; to co-operate with parents, the Education Department. And whom so-ever who subscribes to the mission statement, School philosophy, School’s policy and school aims and objectives so that our learners could cut through the granite of ignorance until they have knowledge, good attitudes and good values of proper fully fledged citizens of our new South Africa.

Our Aim

In order to implement the philosophy of our school, we work towards the continuing development to provide education as a basic need to our leaners so that they will be able to acquire a base of knowledge, good attitudes value and skills on which they can build in later and equip themselves with the potential to learn further, to respond to new opportunities and to adjust to social, economic and environmental changes in our country.

Specific Objectives:

To foster a spirit of goodwill, mutual respect, understanding and co-operation among learners, members of staff, parents and all persons who are associated with the welfare of Founders Community School.
To employ sound education techniques to motivate learners so that they perform at their estimated maximum educational potential.
To emphasize to learners that a school programme instills the idea of positive all round development and as such learners must participate actively and promote a corporate spirit during the year(s) at school.
To increase the productive potential of the learner by setting realistic goals in learning related tasks in order to obtain results within a specified time without over expenditure of effort and energy.
To encourage learners to participate actively in keeping our school environment (both in classroom and within the school milieu) neat and tidy in order to create congenial surrounding conductive to educational uplifment opportunities.