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FPD Fund

The goal of The Fund is to bridge the resource gaps in health care education and HIV/AIDS service delivery by supporting:

i. The expansion of programmes aimed bridging the human resource gap in health care by providing educational programmes to generate skilled professionals and managers;
ii. Innovative solutions aimed at prevention and treatment of HIV as well as support for communities affected by the epidemic;
iii. Critical community based programmes that otherwise are unable to generate sufficient funding;
iv. Programmes that help bridge the gaps between recent academic and medical research and community level implementation;
v. Organizational development and capacity building for Non Governmental Organizations in this field.

The Fund’s experience, knowledge base and partners to identify need, it will also ensure that the organizations and initiatives being supported have the necessary capacity and capability for efficient service delivery. In order to this it will create and administer a rating system for civil society organizations engaged in HIV/AIDS related programmes in partnership with the South African Department of Social Development as well as renowned experts in the field of measuring and evaluation and organizational capacity development.

The main object of the organisation will be to promote community interests by:

1. The provision of health care services to poor and needy persons.
2. The prevention of HIV infection, the provision of preventative and education programmes relating to HIV/AIDS.
3. The care, counselling or treatment of persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS, including the care or counselling of their families and dependants in this regard.
4. The provision of ‘‘higher education’’ by employing the services of a ‘‘higher education institution’’ as defined in terms of the Higher Education Act, 1997, (Act No. 101 of 1997).
5. ‘‘Further education and training’’ by employing the services of a ‘‘public further education and training institution’’ as defined in the Further Education and Training Act 1998, (Act No. 98 of 1998).
6. Training of persons employed in the national, provincial and local spheres of government, for purposes of capacity building in those spheres of government.
7. Programmes addressing needs in education provision, learning, teaching, training, curriculum support, governance, whole school development, safety and security at schools, pre-schools or higher and further education institution as defined in point 4 and 5.
8. The provision of—
(a) funds, assets, services or other resources by way of donation;

(b) assets or other resources by way of sale for a consideration not exceeding the direct cost to the organisation providing the assets or resources;
(c) funds by way of loan at no charge; or
(d) assets by way of lease for an annual consideration not exceeding the direct cost to the organisation providing the asset divided by the total useful life of the asset,

to any—
(i) public benefit organisation which has been approved in terms of section 30;
(ii) institution, board or body which conducts one or more PBAs as defined by Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act, 1962
(iii) association of persons carrying on one or more public benefit activity contemplated in this part (other than this paragraph), in the Republic; or
(iv) department of state or administration in the national or provincial or local sphere of government of the Republic