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Walk For Rhinos 197 024 NPO

In association with Walk For Rhino’s – NPO197-024


Thank you for the opportunity to present our Proposal for Sponsorship.

We are approaching your company for sponsorship to save and relocate two black Rhino’s (Annie & Zac) currently in Zimbabwe. These Rhinos can no longer be protected and cared for by Zimbabwe and therefore we need your help to give them a future.

Vellies for rhinos is an initiative (under a registered NPO 197-024 (Certificate 18a), Walk For Rhino’s) where we plan to do a22-day fundraiser program across South Africa to raise funds to purchase 2 Black rhino’s. These rhinos are currently in Zimbabwe and in life danger because of the lack of funds to protect and care for them. By purchasing these Rhino’s, they will be relocated to a secure game farm in South Africa with the necessary equipment and staff to care for and protect them. There are currently only 4000 Black Rhino’s left. Because of our signed confidentiality agreement and the sensitive nature of the Rhino Crisis, the name of the game farm is undisclosed in the West Rand due to security reason. As mentioned above, this initiative is part of “Walk For Rhino’s”, where Francois Myburgh will also be walking 3000km to raise funds for the same cause.

What we planning to do

We will be touring several towns and cities across South Africa.

During these visits we plan to do the following where possible:
• Business morning with the local businesses
• Rhino Conservation awareness at some schools
• Promotional video clips from Celebrities, Sports Stars, Actors, Singers to donate to the fund account
• Live to stream of the tour
• Acquiring sponsorship for these two rhino’s

The events will mainly be hosted by Sasha Lee Taylor and Lee Anne (Survivor SA) and various other celebs but will also include several other Sports stars, Singers, Actors, and Celebrities.

The social media campaign drive will take 3 months and includes 21 videos by the celebs. We will also launch our own special collector’s edition coin.

Our aim is to have the Black Rhino’s in South Africa by the end of November 2019

The Main Campaign will be the 22-day tour, divided over four months, across South Africa.

We are currently looking for sponsors to Help us in this – let is set up a meeting with your company to present our formal proposal for you

By sponsoring you will help raise awareness and promote your business.

We thank you for the opportunity.

Hendrik De Goede
072 815 6248

Kind Regards,

FJ Myburgh
Chief Executive Officer
Walk For Rhino’s 197-024 NPO