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FRANCO is a registered Non-Profit Organization and Public Benefit Organization, whose aim has always been to join efforts with local associations in order to provide the most efficient and targeted aid to the specific adverse circumstances affecting residents in our community. We help to coordinate the efforts of any person, group, company, charity, or welfare organization engaged in improving the lives of not only the historically disadvantaged people, but any person, of any colour, religion, race, or language.

We aim to help the poor to uplift themselves and therefore we emphasize assistance for training, education, and self-employment.

By providing support in order to help reintroduce a sense of pride and self esteem into communities who have been historically disrespected or affected by adverse circumstances:

We provide:
Scholarships to motivate secondary and tertiary students
ECD (Early Childhood Development) program support
Emergency relief (fire destruction, storm damage, etc)
Environmental challenges support (river clean ups, etc).

FRANCO conducts all its efforts in an honest and transparent manner, driven by Christian values, but without being prescriptive or intrusive to any individual or group.

Our main principles are:
To provide corruption-free aid to those who need it.
To encourage affected people to regain their dignity and pride through training and education.
Not to provide hand-outs, unless a special situation warrants it.
To have no political interference in our operations