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Reach Out Non-Profit Organization

The Western Cape is plagued by very high dropout rates in the last phase of High School. REACH OUT targets interventions for teens who are at high risk of dropping out of high school, joining gangs and participating in illegal activities in the Kraaifontein area in the Western Cape. REACH OUT also targets youth who have already dropped out, providing life skills development and training to enable these youth to access opportunities.
Reach Out is all about Youth Development - It is important for us to make social impact by,
1. Being a resource of credible information to youth and parents at risk in the Western Cape and perhaps also any other areas affected by gang violence who find our content useful.

2. Provide practical training opportunities and exposure to economic empowerment to these "at risk" youth. By providing them with the skills to become employable e.g. bricklaying, welding, dressmaking, we can break the cycles of gang initiation and violence while giving youth an opportunity to access a better standard of living.
We aim to achieve this through fundraising by holding events with live training as well as producing training products that we can sell via Adwords adverts for revenue.

Our aim is to raise enough resources (equipment and funds) to be able to make a viable impact in the lives of our at risk youth - by giving them access to career development training and opportunity. Adwords will help us to gain more traction in terms of exposure as an organization as well - which will assist us in soliciting resource as well as financial contributions from people who visit our site via Adwords clicks

Our results will be measured in terms of success stories from the Kraaifontein community, as well as donation targets reached and sales of our training products. We will also be building our database for newsletter distribution. An example of an ad campaign would be targeted at individuals searching for a Career Development product.

Aimed at 20-30 year old age group, the product provides guidance on developing the right career profile for job progression and satisfaction via life skills enrichment. We aim to build a database for potential crowdfunding campaigns as well via this traffic generated.