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Freedom Advocacy Network - IRR Unit

The Freedom Advocacy Network (FAN) is a South African non-profit organisation that
EMPOWERS individuals to become problem solvers in their own lives and communities; BUILDS relationships of trust between citizens from all backgrounds to confront problems together; and CONNECTS freedom-loving people to fight for an accountable, honest, effective, and limited government. In short, FAN empowers, builds, and connects people to become advocates for freedom.
We achieve this through two methods:
Firstly, through the innovative use of social and digital media, making the case for freedom accessible to people who are usually excluded from public or political discussions and decisions; and
Secondly, through the strategic use of legal work and litigation, transforming courts into public platforms to argue for freedom and affect important decision making.
OUR COMMUNITY We fight for freedom by reaching out to people too long ignored by those in power.
We empower people to make freedom a reality in their lives and communities. The fight for freedom is about building trust, changing minds, uniting people who want to live in a free and prosperous South Africa with a government that works for them.
VISION A prosperous and free South Africa where active and engaged citizens work together across differences to solve problems, supported by accountable, honest, effective, and limited government.