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FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation KZN

FreeMe Wildlife is a registered, fully permitted facility established to undertake the care and rehabilitation of sick and injured wildlife.
FreeMe Wildlife officially opened its door on 1 January 2008 and our office is open 24/7 for admittance of animals or call-outs.
Experienced staff are employed (together with many varied specialists and volunteers) to run the centre and to provide quality care, which is in the best interest of the animals, no matter how big or small.
With the ever increasing human population and resulting development, indigenous wildlife throughout the world are coming under threat because of conflict with people in the race for space and resources to survive. South Africa is no exception. Indigenous animals are injured and orphaned because of human activities at an ever-increasing rate. It is for this reason that centres such as FreeMe Wildlife exist. FreeMe Wildlife aims to rehabilitate these animals so that they may be released back into the wild in areas free from poaching and with reduced human activity (we strongly support Biodiversity Stewardship Program sites and active Conservancy sites).
FreeMe Wildlife operates within the structure of the �One Health� approach.
�One Health� is the integrative effort of multiple disciplines working locally, nationally and globally to attain optimal health for people, animals and the environment. Together, the three make up the �One Health� triad, and the health of each is inextricably connected to the others in the triad.
We lead through the example of �Working together to enrich lives�.